Living World

Posted: 5/5/2019 Released: TBD

Developer Description

This is a wildlife AI system. I started this as a long term project with no due date, just to work on it from time to time on the side. The idea is to develop an AI system that can be easy to add new creatures quickly and still have the ability to add new custom behaviour for new ones. It is a modular design using multiple components in Unity that represent different traits thet the AI has.</br></br>One thing I wanted to accomplish was the fact that the AI continues to "live" even when the user is no where near. The AI will continue to update when the player isn't near and new one's will only spawn via birth and de-spawn via death. The only other time they will spawn would be the initial spawn when a new game is started.</br></br>I was aware that it wouldn't run well on larger maps but, that wasn't a concern to me as I had more of an interest in the realistic behaviour. This system can have creatures that can go extinct and therefore will require extra thought in creature behaviour to make a balance in an ecosystem. I am realizing that this modular system could have the side effect of being usable in other AI other than animals. This is something I plan on working with in future games.

Other Details

Technologies and Tools used: Unity 3D
Type: Tool
Dev Status: On Hold
Genres: Simulation