Rent for Life

Posted: 4/29/2019 Released: 4/29/2019


Real estate is a precious commodity, even in Hell...<br/><br/>... and when your landlord is the ruler of the Damned, you better pay up!<br/><br/>In "Rent for Life", you play as Skully McSkull the Reaper (Skully for short) who has not always been the most prompt in paying his bills, but he's a pretty OK tenant. He takes modest care of his humble <strike>shack</strike> home in his own corner of Hell, raising his loving canine companion. So when the Landlord of Hell approaches you with threats of eviction, Skully better get back to collecting the local currency: the souls of the living.<br/><br/>This top down 3-D game will send you to the mortal world where you will race against time to collect the souls of the living! A grim responsibility, yes, but your fiery homeland does not run on rainbows and kittens (unfortunately). Do your best to keep up your rent payments, or face the wrath of your landlord...

Developer Description

This was developed for Ludum Dare 44. I worked on the AI, the main game controller, and some other small things.

Other Details

Technologies and Tools used: Unity 3D
Type: Game
Dev Status: Complete
Genres: Action, Casual