Perf Monitor

Posted: 2/19/2024 Released: TBD


This is a tool that uses MSI Afterburner and RTSS to get performance data to calculate rolling values such as averages, min/max, and % lows. It has multiple options but a basic view of the sensors and instead uses HWiNFO's custom sensors to display the sensors there which allows support for all the usual sensor options in HWiNFO. There is also a performance score with various parts along with it's own options to control it's result. It uses the PFS/frametime results to score consistency and how well a user provided target score is reached. Can also watch a CSV log file from anther program like Corsair's iCue to add it's sensors to this program then to HWiNFO. This feature has been a good alternative for displaying values from iCue in other programs like HWiNFO and Aida64 which has been know to conflict.

Other Details

Technologies and Tools used: .Net
Type: Tool
Dev Status: Ongoing Development
Genres: -