Posted: 4/30/2022 Released: 10/4/2021


Welcome to Slime-azon newbie!<br/><br/>As the newest slime to the force of Slime-azon delivery services, it’s up to you to deliver the mail to every resident in your designated area!<br/><br/>We’ll start you off with an easier course for training, and ramp it up after each successful delivery run.<br/><br/>Watch out for debris on the path. Being a slime, your body is very unstable. Even a gentle tap on such things will have you splitting pieces of yourself away until there’s nothing left.<br/><br/>Dodge obstacles, and deliver the mail! We here at Slime-azon HQ are behind you all the way.

Developer Description

This was developed for Ludum Dare 49. I was the programmer and worked on all the main functionality. This also utilized my packages which made things much easier when getting it done.

Other Details

Technologies and Tools used: Unity 3D
Type: Game
Dev Status: Complete
Genres: Casual