Random Room Based Map Generator

Posted: 5/29/2020 Released: TBD


This tool will allow someone to be able to generate a randomly generated map of rooms with various options for how the map is generated and what assets are used. The rooms generator spawns prefab rooms that it places at available entrances and can spawn objects inside each that can be props or items the player can pick up. It also has a zone based generator which uses multiple rooms generators as templates to spawn zones of rooms. Because it uses those generators for each zone, each of the zones can have different assets and settings.

Developer Description

This project was inspired by the game GTFO which has maps that are not randomly generated but, they are set up in a way that can be. This generator can generate maps that are very similar to GTFO including security doors seperating the different zones. While the developers of GTFO had repetetive rooms so that they can more easily create new maps, it inspired me to make a generator that can generate similar maps fairly easily. Stalking Shadows is a game made by freinds for Ludum Dare 46. I didn't work on it myself but, they used this generator for their map so I was a consultant for it.I don't have any current plans of releasing it onto any asset store. Another game that is a great example of some ideas that I've had is Returnal for PS5. It features a map that regenerates essentially in the same way as my generator and thinking about it everything that they've done should also be possible with how I'm doing things with mine.

Other Details

Technologies and Tools used: Unity 3D
Type: Tool
Dev Status: On Hold
Genres: -